J.J. Winkelmann in Trieste

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Few days ago I did a review in my instagram account @bbmywaytrieste in order to ask you directly a starting point for the new section in my blog dedicated to tourism and your feedback between Nature and Museums was the second option! Museums will be the theme of my first post!
This section will be directly written in englsh in order to reach more of you reading. I hope this will be a plus for you!

I will start with Trieste in the North of Italy, it’s my city, and I really love and the J.J. Winkelmann Museum, this is a museum I appreciate also because of my studies. I graduated in “cultural tourism planning” and the most part of exams were about Archeology, reason why I will talk today about the Maya section that you can see at the third floor in the museum.

Did you know that J.J. Winkelmann, one of the most important exponents of neoclassicism, was murdered in Trieste in 1768? Inside the archaeological park you will be able to see a mausoleum containing his remains!

The donation, which took place in 2002, of the Mayan “Cesare Fabietti” ceramics from El Salvador made it possible to include in the archaeological itinerary a look at the pre-Columbian civilizations of Central America. I took a photo of the case in which a wooden crate is displayed. Inside, Fabietti wife, with great surprise, had found numerous archaeological finds from the Maya period found by her husband who was in charge of a new coffee roasting plant in those areas in collaboration with the Illy family. All wrapped in newspaper and more or less filed. He then decided to send them to the Winkelmann Museum which created a small room dedicated to the donation and the historical period.

I found the layout of this small section of the museum very intriguing. Discoveries made by pure chance, as sometimes happens, but fortunately felt into the hands of a farsighted person who had protected them and then after his death his wife had decided to leave them at the disposal of a large public, guarded by the competence of a museum.

I love in a special way this section because my first international trip, after graduation, have been exctly in Center America, in Youcatan where I’ve been visiting all the archeological parks, Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Tulum… I really can’t forget that trip… Are you interested in that archeological story?

Question time!
Would you like a guided tour in this Museum in case you arrive in Trieste?
Let’s contact me It will be my pleasure to host you around the city and in this amazing place!



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